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Public parking is available at all apartments for the hourly fee of 550HUF (Little Italy New York = 265HUF). Payable at the parking automats on the street. Automat accepts only HUF coins. Parking can be paid only 3 hours maximum. Please take always careful attention to have the parking fee paid, unfortunately we cannot take resposibility of the charged fines.


Free time is all day between 8pm and 8am (Little Italy New York 6pm to 8am) and weekends and public holidays.



Getting from/to the airport


1. Public transport. It is very easy, comfortable, fast and budget way to get to us from the airport by public transport. You need to take bus 200E at the terminal and go to the metro station with that bus. Than with metro3 (blue line) go to Nyugati sq / Ferencziek sq. Home is around 300m walk from both metro stations. All together this is around 2 hrs travel, and 2 tickets per person (free for kids under 6). There is ticket automat at the airport bus stop. Public transport operates from 4.30am to 23.00pm (tram 4/6 operates 24/7).


2. Taxi . In case you prefer taxi, 'Fotaxi' is the official taxi company of the airport, they have order-taker kiosk right at the exit of the arrival. Taxi fair is around 35 EUR and 40 minutes in time (based on fixed km fee regulated by the law). Clear signs on the floor shows you the way to this taxi kiosk. Please do not accept the offer from random taxi drivers!


3. Airport Minibus. Clear signs show you the way to airport shuttle, which is a few steps from the exit of the arrival. Airport Minibus collects a number of passangers and carries everyone to their own address in an order defined by the driver. Airport shuttle is operated by the airport. Price of a ride to us for 2 persons is ~16EUR, for 4 persons ~23EUR. No advance booking required, please proceed to the Minibus' kiosk when you arrive to order your immediate ride - average waiting time is 30mins.


4. Little Americas' door to door airport transfer. We are very happy to help you with our door to door airport transfer. Price is fix 30EUR per car (max 4 persons) each way. It is highly recommended if you are travelling during late hours, if you are travelling with many luggages or if you are travelling with small children or elderly people. Please contact us in advance for availabilty.

Exchange money


Do not change money at the airport or at the main bus terminals and train stations – the rate used there is very bad. In the close neighbourhood of all apartments you will find the best exchange offices in town. We'll show them on site upon arrival.

Public transportantion

Public transportation connections of the all apartments are excellent. In a few blocks away you can find metro3 blue line (connection to airport) at all apartments, also Budapest's main tram no 4-6 (operates 24/7) and tram no 2 that goes along the bank of the Danube offering great opportunity for sightseeing. Westend Railway station (connection to East Hungary) & Eastern Railway station (connection to Bratislava/Vienna/Munich) is very easily accessible with metro from all apartments.

You can buy public transport tickets and passes at all major sites and junctions. Price of 10 pcs ticket in bulk is ~ 10 EUR (3.000 HUF), 1 single ticket is ~1.2 EUR (350 HUF) if you buy it at the ticket machine, but 1,5EUR (450 HUF) if you buy it on the bus/tram from the driver. 1 day pass is ~ 5.5 EUR. All is free for kids under 6. 1 ticket is valid for 1 single journey, except metro, where you can switch line with the ticket! Make sure you always validate your ticket before your journey as controllers don’t know mercy… Most of public transportation operates from 4.30am to 11.00pm, except tram 4/6 that goes 24/7.

Boat service. Boats operate as "water-buses" going up and down the river following a good schedule. Boat service operates from 6am to 7pm. Day passes are valid for boat rides as well on weekdays! Apart from that boat ticket is 750 HUF (~2.5EUR), free for kids under 6.

Supermarkets on site

There are more budget supermarkets (CBA, Lidl, Spar) available next door to all apartments. You can buy basic provisions at these shops (food, drinks, beauty products). Opening mostly between 7am and 9pm on all says (Monday to Sunday)!

There are 24/7 shops are available too at all apartments. These have higher prices but are open non-stop.


Pharmacy is available within a few blocks to all apartments. In fact it is in the same house in case of Little Las Vegas. 24/7 emergency pharmacies available in a few hundred meters too.

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